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What's YOUR Priority??

We can get you on track!

See what sets Priority Fitness apart from all other fitness facilities! 

We offer you customized Personal Training sessions, Xtreme-Fit Group Training

fun and challenging in-house programs, Post-Injury ExerciseMassage Therapy  and Assisted Stretching.

Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality and most effective fitness instruction

in a comfortable, uncrowded, and non-intimidating environment. 

Our professional staff and well-appointed facility will help you reach any and all of your fitness goals!


Effective workouts that get RESULTS

Personal Training

Each person receives personal attention, reliable and updated fitness and nutritional information,

and safe and effective exercise programming

We find the perfect exercise program for each individual!  

With our state of the art heart rate monitoring system, and our unique PEAK HR Training Program,

we can use real-time feedback to ensure your success!

  1. Call us at 219-836-8330 or Click here

  2. Set up at FREE Consultation to view our facility and get your questions answered

  3. Sign up with a Personal Trainer who can meet your needs and schedule!


Personal Training Rates

One-on-One packages listed.  We also offer Partner Personal Training, which is a very popular option for couples, co-workers, family members and buddies!

Contact us for rates on Partner Training!

30-minute Session


20-session package     $30 per session

10-session package     $32 per session

5-session package       $34 per session

Partner Training available!

45-minute Session


20-session package     $40 per session

10-session package     $42 per session

5-session package       $44 per session

Partner Training available!

60-minute Session


20-session package     $52 per session

10-session package     $54 per session

5-session package       $56 per session

Partner Training available!

Interested in Personal Training
but not a client yet?

Fall is almost here! And wether your are determined to finally get in shape or want to continue on the progress you've made this year, Priority Fitness would like to offer your a fresh perspective to your current fitness regime.

Conveniently located at 2114 45th Street, Highland, in Porte de Leau Plaza, our objective is simple:

We want to make your fitness goals easy for your to achieve.

We know how it is.

Far to often, the day slips by without finding time to take care of what is most important - Your health and well-being.

Our spacious facility is clean, well-maintained, and has all the equipment you need for your personal exercise routine.  We offer fleible scheduling, so you can workout when it is convenient for you, meeting your trainer as often as you wish, for 30-, 45-, or 55-minute sessions designed around your needs.

We are not a large, busy gym- and instead of facing the chaos of a crowded facility, here, you have the opportunity to enjoy a SAFE workout experience that is both challenging and stress-free.

And speaking of SAFE, we are vigiliant about disinfecting after each session,

utilitze separate zones in the studio

so our clients can exercise at a safe distance from others,

and strictly limit the number of people in our facility at any given time.

Our experienced Personal Trainers will design a fitness plan just for you so that you can take fulll advantage of

circuit training, core training, weight lifting, and other routines. 

We also have scheduled small group classes throughtou the week -XTreme Fit Group Fitness to give you more opportunity to get in the best shape of your life!

Give us a call at 219-836-8330 so that we can give you an overview of our

Personal Training and Group Training services. 

And use the offer below for an extra special savings on your first purchase. 

We would love to show you aroung our facility!


Xtreme-Fit Group Training Schedule

Are you ready to transform your body?

XTREME-FIT could be your next favorite thing!

Designed to improve strength, coordination and wellbeing,

this class is guaranteed to take your fitness to the next level.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

12:00pm - 12:30pm

Get in the best shape of your life!  Our Mid-Day Mayhem group class series is 30 minutes, 3 days a week, of cardio, strength, core, and flexibility!   
4 week series $100

Drop in $10


9:00am - 9:45am

45 minutes of challenging strength and cardio! 
Sign up is required for each week.
$150 for 10-class package, $20 drop-in

Massage Therapy

Do you have sore or stiff muscles?  Stressed out? Need to relax and enjoy some "me time"?

Let our Licensed Massage Therapists work their magic to relieve your stress, heal injuries, loosen tight muscles and help you relax. 

Private massage rooms with your comfort and safety guaranteed.

We offer 30-minute, 60-minute and 90-minute Massages. 

Text 708-308-4671 to book your massage or CLICK HERE to contact us!

Massage Oils
Neck and Shoulder Massage

Assisted Stretching

What is Assisted Stretching? 

Assisted Stretching allows you to stretch in ways that are not possible when stretching on your own. 

Stretches can be more targeted, held more comfortably and deeper to produce better results. 

Assisted Stretching improves joint health and flexibility, increases joint range of motion,

and decreases pain and stiffness. 

Can EVERYONE benefit from Assisted Stretching?  YES!!

Contact Us HERE, begin your HEALTHY journey today!

2114 45th Street
Highland, IN  46322


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